How does My Mate work?

The first step is to apply using our online sign up form.

Our matching experts will then try to match you with someone who is similar but different to you. For instance, they might be different in that they are older, younger, have a different ethnic background, religion or have been a refugee.

But they will also be someone who shares something in common with you. So they might also love yoga, be a massive Gooner (support Arsenal FC) or still secretly want to start a Spice Girls tribute band (we all have that one friend!)

If we can find you a match and you are selected, we will then invite you along to our special restaurant at Peckham Levels. On the night you will meet your match, be part of a unique shared experience (all facilitated by us) as well as connect with interesting people on a more intimate level - at least more than any whatsapp and snapchat ever could! 

Not forgetting the fact that you’ll also get the chance to enjoy some excellent food and drink.

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London, UK