Who Are We?

We are a group of Londoners, who met at the leading national social integration charity The Challenge.

Whilst we were there, the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks happened. This upset and confused us, so we came together and vowed we would try and do something about it.


We were surprised to find out that 9 out of the 11 Paris attackers were born and raised in France/Belgium. And we felt a little ashamed that these people must have felt so alienated by their communities that they could commit these atrocious acts.


This to us is the worst result of social segregation, that you

could ultimately kill your own neighbours despite not

knowing them.

​Exploring this further, we looked at the media, and all they

could seem to focus on was the supposed 'refugee' and

'othering' of their own citizens which was only going to

make things worse and continue this spiral we find

ourselves in.


​At the same time, we realised that our own friendships

told a very different story about the world.


​So we went about trying to document these stories, and after a series of failed pilots, we stumbled upon the idea of connecting strangers who might be from different backgrounds but also share something in common.


​After running a successful pilot (see the videos below), we are now translating this idea into a pop-up restaurant.


The reason for using a restaurant is partly practical - in that we will then be able to have  a sustainable supply of stories. But it is also because we noticed that food naturally brings people together.


A dinner table no matter where it is and what is looks like is often a place of community, and it is one of the few times where people are happy to put aside everything else and just live in the moment. These are the moments we now want to offer and share.

We are therefore on a journey, and would love for you to join us.

So if you have an idea as to how we might be able to do things better, or want to get involved, or have just won the lottery and want to give us lots of money please do get in touch at hello@my-mate.co.uk