Here's why you should bother...

5 reasons:

  1. Bored of doing the same thing? Meeting the same people?

  2. Do you ever wish there was an easy way to meet other human beings?

  3. Are you tired of Snapchatting, Tinder-swiping and Whatsapping?

  4. When was the last time you met a refugee? Like properly chatted to one...  

  5. Wish there were more positive stories in the media?

Right now there are so many people who feel like they are being pushed to the fringes of our society.

​​Some of the world’s worst problems are stemming from people feeling like they are isolated, like they do not matter or do not belong. This may be for lots of different reasons (e.g. religion, sexuality, ethnicity etc.) but what often happens is that they withdraw from society or look for a way out. Extreme examples of looking for a way out include turning to terrorism, crime and suicide.

A large factor that is causing these feelings

are the stories being shared by the media,

which tend to focus on differences and how

we should fear or even hate anyone who is

different to us. ​

But we know this isn't the full story, nor is it

the only story you could tell, as we actually

share much more in common than is often

spoken about.

​That is why we are creating and documenting

these events, because we know that they will

tell a very different story about the world.

A story which focuses on the positives of

diversity and celebrates what people have in common despite their perceived differences.

But we need your help.

Without you, these stories cannot be told and the growing problems of social isolation and a “fear of the other” will continue to grow.

​​By signing up, you are not only going to have the opportunity to have fun and meet new people, but you can also do it safe in the knowledge that you will be making a difference to thousands of people in the UK and beyond.